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Espresso Grinders

Tranquilo Tranquilo
Easy to use coffee grinder that dispenses fresh ground coffee directly into the porta-filter, being able to set
both the time and the intensity of the grinding in a fast and simple way. Only at the push of a button!

0.5 kg bean hopper

Marfil Marfil
Grinder with high versatility , very robust and fast. Thanks to its large dispenser, you can have coffee, already ground, to serve big demands.

Available in grey colour, in manual or automatic version, and with dispenser lever placed right or left.

2 kg bean hopper

Movie Movie
Fast and “silent” grinder. Thanks to its high performance you will be able to enjoy fresh ground coffee, even in high working charge situations.

Available in grey colour, automatic start every 2 coffees, and with dispenser lever placed right or left.

1.5 kg bean hopper

Mignon Mignon
In spite of its smalls dimensions, Mignon grinder always garantiee the same grinding thanks to stepless micrometrical grinding adjustment. The direct dosing garantiee the best quality and aroma.
Mignon is the perfect grind-on-demand grinder to offer to your customers as an alternative to traditional grinders. Mignon is the best friend for the barista wish to satisfy to their customers.

Coffee grinder cleaner Coffee grinder cleaner
Cleaning agent for grinders. One jar lasts for 12 cleanings.
Recommended to use twice per month.

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