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We can describe Crem International’s mission and vision very simply – to manufacture top-quality coffee and espresso machines for the global market. It could not be simpler.

We all have our own relationships with coffee, our own taste references. Some want to enjoy a perfect early-morning breakfast cappuccino, completely undisturbed. Others want to throng at the bar after dinner, and perk up with the help of a strong espresso. And others want to meet their friends at the café, getting together over cups of well-brewed coffee and delicious pastries.

At Crem International we will help our retailers satisfy people's coffee requirements, whatever their coffee preferences. And whether they want to buy their coffee in a café, a restaurant, at work or anywhere else. We will become this constant presence in people’s lives thanks to our very wide offer of top-quality machines. Machines that are designed and built by skilled employees and supplied by knowledgeable retailers. This means we must also be constantly and keenly aware of people’s coffee habits and requirements. It also means we must constantly develop machines that combine the latest technology with the demands imposed on us. This is something we are looking forward to with eager anticipation. To be able to really show the world Crem International’s inherent strength and genuine expertise.

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