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Operation policy

Quality assurance, environment management and quality-/environment 
improvement will be realization during management by superior and
foreman on all levels. Our quality-
and environment objectives will bee reach during continuous and methodical improvement process there all the staff participator.

Our quality managements system will be documented and conformity requirements in standard SS-EN ISO 9001 and SS-EN-ISO 14001 and also methodical work environment AFS 2001. Conception managements systems covering accordingly both customer satisfaction and effection, which the own working environment and our operations influence on the outer environment. Our position is to nether manufacturing process or products will negatively influence natural resources and the outer environment. Our products will not be cause to injury or illness to which handles and use the products. We have accordingly one documentation and one improvements control of our operation that aim to one complete quality managements (TQM).

Operations head objects prepare by annual budgets. In these contains even overall improvements objects to our engineering, our processes and products. Every superior and foreman establishes after that, within their area of responsibility, concreted improvements objectives with plan of actions based on the overall objects.

Georg Möller
Managing director

Crem International AB - Box 10 - 670 40 Åmotfors - Sweden - Phone: +46 (0) 570-477 00 -