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You already know us as Coffee Queen and Crem Aparatos Cafexpres, S.L. Now we have got together and formed something new – Crem International. A company with a complete offer of coffee and espresso machines. Crem International has a strong ownership grouping, with a distinct focus on growth. That gives us at Crem International excellent potential to be a world-leading manufacturer of coffee and espresso machines.

Crem International has two familiar and very strong brands – Coffee Queen and Expobar. Under the brand Coffee Queen, we have brought together all our machines for freshly brewed and instant coffee, water and juice. Under the brand Expobar, we offer our top-quality espresso machines. Bringing together these two brands means we manufacture the market’s widest offer. It makes us unique.

Crem International AB - Box 10 - 670 40 Åmotfors - Sweden - Phone: +46 (0) 570-477 00 -